Meet the next-gen crypto Debit Card

It's time we do banking differently. With Bitfutr, you can use cryptocurrency to make payment. Earn interest at up to 8% APY. ​There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.
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BitFutr Debit Card
Up to 15%
In Cashback
Up to 8%
In Saving
Up to 0%
In Transaction Fees

Pay, Save, Invest your crypto with BitFutr

The modern bank that gives you more control over your crypto

Get more from your crypto; rewards, airport lounge access and much more

Effortless payments like never before

Up to 0% in transaction fees
Spend your crypto instantly
Get spend limit notifications
Your Crypto is easily accessible on any device
World-class digital protection
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Simple and transparent pricing plans for everyone

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